Disability Access Bingo

Disability Access Bingo: : Common responses to access failings and complaints

We have combined common poor reactions to disabled people seeking access or making complaints, and combined them with sources of information and strategies to challenge them.

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Disability Access Bingo
1 No response or bizarre response Deny access failing ever happened, or other gaslighting Claims barrier would have been removed if you’d asked clearly, correctly or nicely enough Makes false allegations against you, like being abusive to staff or planning to complain
2 Claims it’s not their fault, claiming health and safety, listed building or external rules Says other disabled people can manage or you should get your own carer Blames different individual member(s) of staff each time Says they have to treat everyone the same way
3 Insists that you should have accepted an unsafe, inappropriate or inferior adjustment Says how much person/organisation cares about disabled people or other irrelevancies Demands that you educate the organisation (for free) Claims you are faking, or requests intrusive amounts of information about your disability
4 Claims access is too expensive and will cause other people to lose out Treats access failing as poor ‘customer service’ Aggressive or violent response “You planned to complain”