A1 – Bingo: No response. Bizarre response.

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No response

Organisations will often not respond to complaint emails or letters. Don’t let a non-response put you off – that’s what the organisation is hoping for!

Follow the advice we give in our ‘making complaints’ pages and simply escalate to the next level of complaint if your deadline for a response is missed.

Sometimes an organisation only responds once they receive a formal letter to their head office. Another option is to complain about the organisation and tag them on social media – which can get them interested to try and help, but risks you losing some privacy and having people troll you. (We recommend instantly blocking trolls).

If your case ends up in court, an organisation’s lack of response can be considered an aggravating factor; although in practice many judges are reluctant to do this. It is rare that respondents ignore actual court proceedings – would be great if they did because then the case can automatically be decided in your favour. The organisation may suddenly get their lawyers involved at this point.

Bizarre response

Sometimes you can get a really strange response to your complaint, often in the form of trying to guilt-trip you out of pursuing it further, or giving very strange reasons to excuse poor access. One of our members received a response saying the respondent was a deeply religious person, and it would be unfair and unkind to pursue a complaint; plus a load of religious quotations.

Our advice is to either ignore the bizarreness entirely and re-state just the facts of your complaint. Or briefly say that their bizarre excuse(s) are irrelevant or inappropriate.

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