We at Reasonable Access would like to thank the following for their support (in no particular order):

  • E – monthly donation of £20 in support of our aims.
  • I – donation from settlement damages of £500 and £250 and a recurrent monthly donation.
  • R – donation of £250.
  • A Quaker group who donated ~£300 via PayPal and a cash collection after our trustee Esther’s excellent Swarthmore Lecture in April 2023.

  • N – donation of £100 and £60.
  • Various legal types for support, encouragement and ideas.
  • Aileen of Silver Scribe for copy-editing our website in a clear and sensitive way for a deaf writer.
  • DP for hosting and sorting our website domain.
  • S for business support.
  • F for strategy and PR guidance.

We hope to be in a place to engage with many more people who have offered support soon.