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Empowering and enabling disabled people to assert and enforce our access rights through peer support.

Aims of Reasonable Access

Pyramid diagram explaining the different layers of Reasonable Access's goals
Simple pyramid diagram with pointy end upwards split into 6 layers. The bottom widest layer is educating disabled people about their disability rights. Above that is requesting access or initially challenging barriers. Above that is making complaints and dealing with further access issues. Above that is putting pressure on organisations and negotiating solutions. the penultimate layer is formal pre-legal complaints and finally the tip is legal proceedings. The aim of this is to show that every stage is important and that learning and improving skills in each area is dependent on the layers beneath it being met.

Remit of Reasonable Access

Many of the resources and strategies on this site will be useful to any disabled person or representative in asserting and enforcing access rights. Reasonable Access’s formal and legal information will be focused on legal and other systems in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). We are a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) in England and Wales.

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