Supporting Reasonable Access

What is Reasonable Access

We are a Deaf and Disabled Person’s Organisation (DPPO) founded by Doug, Esther and Natalya. There are some other people involved in a pilot peer-support email list and more.

We have applied to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and hope this will be sorted by the end of 2019. This will enable us to apply for funding to achieve some of our aims.

Why was Reasonable Access Founded?

Discrimination is a daily experience for many disabled people, who often:

  • Don’t know their rights.
  • Don’t know how to challenge discrimination.
  • Struggle with ‘complaint’ systems.
  • Find complaint/legal processes intimidating/damaging.
  • Are tired of the endless discrimination.
  • Cannot access legal support (or have costs risks).

What are Reasonable Access’s aims?

  • Explain some law in simple terms and link to credible and relevant resources.
  • Teach people how to navigate complaints/legal systems.
  • Create online/in-person communities for disabled people to support one another.
  • Provide in-person support to disabled people in court/formal situations.
  • Develop a network of disabled people to work together strategically.

How can you support us?

  • Send us information about useful cases.
  • Share ideas for challenging nasty tactics.
  • Help us deliver information to disabled people about the law.
  • Share ideas and suggestions that RA can do, that you can’t.
  • ….Anything else we haven’t thought of…